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Front Desk Administration

and Customer Service Program

starting soon

Why WPT?

Choose WPT LLC for your career step forward because we bring live training by experienced Instructors in your field. Courses are approved by the Wyoming Department of Education, and are pending approval by the Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners. Programs are held on weekends to let students keep their current jobs and family activities during the week.


WPT LLC provides basic, fundamental training so your new employer can ‘fine-tune’ your skills for their particular needs. Our course offerings are affordable with easy payment options, if you need them. Along with our professional training, we will help you become a better job candidate.


WPT LLC trains in a professional facility so you’ll be comfortable and have hands-on opportunities within your program. We are located in Gillette WY, with easy access to the Rapid City, Spearfish SD areas as well as Billings and Eastern Montana.

Front Desk/Reception/Admin Questionnaire

Are you as business owner or Office Manager willing to make a 15-30 minute presentation to our class?
Are you willing to host one of our students for an externship of 8-12 hours? You might find your next hire!

Thanks for submitting!

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