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About The Programs

CNA Program

This 5-week accelerated course prepares you for success on the CNA certification examinations. Led by highly experienced, state-approved instructors, our CNA program ensures you are on the fast-track to a credential that is recognized nationwide.

Program Duration

This comprehensive course includes 5 consecutive weekends of classes followed by clinical training. Classes run Fridays (6-9pm) Saturdays (8am-5pm) and Sundays (1-4pm). Keep your job and family life while training for this in-demand career!

Affordable Tuition

Course cost is $1,350. We have excellent payment plans available with great flexibility to help as many students succeed as we can. Students will be responsible for their certification exam costs.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are highly experienced and state-approved. Our facility is fully set for this course and meets all required standards. Come see our facility and learn more about this course!

Front Desk Admin/Customer Service Program

The primary objective of the Front Desk Administration/Customer Service Program is to provide the skills needed to successfully and professionally be the "face of the business." This program instructs front-of-house employees on effective communication in-person, via email and over the phone in a manner that most desirably represents the business and creates productive interactions with customers/clients/patients. Everything is covered from office conduct to filing and scheduling.

Program Duration

6 6-hour (36 hours) of instruction and practical training with a flexible operating schedule. Class size is minimum 4 students and maximum 12 students. Course price is $450 per student.

Class Structure

This program utilizes a combination of themed instructional sessions, active training and take-home assignments designed to give students a well-rounded experience.


Program topics include telephone etiquette, drafting/proofing emails, record-keeping and filing, handling money, scheduling appointments, appropriate conversation topics and more.

Dental Assisting Program

Our mission is to provide our students with a basic understanding of the field of dentistry and help them obtain the skills necessary to have a successful and rewarding career. The Dental Assisting Course consists of 12 weeks (96 hours) of instruction and practical training plus a 40-hour (one week) internship. The goal and objective is to prepare each student for a career in the field of dentistry. This course schedule is designed to meet that vocational goal and objectives.

Program Duration

12 weeks (96 hours) of instruction and practical training, plus 40-hour internship for required 136 total hours of instruction


State-of-the-art dental office with 1 operatory, sterilization area, business office and reception area – learn on real equipment in an actual dental office setting

Class Structure

4 hours of lecture and video instruction and approximately 4 hours of clinical or hands-on instruction per week


Working chair, rheostat, overhead light, computer, water unit/supplies, X-ray head, X-ray sensors, imaging unit/intraoral equipment, lab equipment


Develop practical skills working directly under the supervision of a licensed dentist, get additional hands-on training

Student Services

Upon satisfying the program requirements, students will receive a certificate of completion, a transcript and a letter of recommendation.

Basic Sewing Program

WPT's Basic Sewing Program focuses on the foundational knowledge required to get comfortable behind a sewing machine. From touring the sewing section of the local craft store to making a tote bag from scratch, all of the essential steps are covered to get students familiarized with standard equipment and techniques. Guided open studio time is also available for more hands-on experience beyond the scheduled program times.

Program Duration

4 3-hour (12 hours) sessions of hands-on sewing instruction in a fully-equipped space.


Program price is $240 per student. Afternoon and evening sessions available!

Mommy & Me Classes

No need to leave the little at home! Spend time together while learning new skills in a fun, engaging environment!

Program Overview

Tour Joann's Fabrics and get an understanding of the store, make a standard pillow case, two coffee cozies and a tote bag, while learning to measure fabric, cut fabric with a rotary cutter, sew on a button with a sewing machine, make a button hole, sew Velcro, sew straight lines, pivot at corners and back-up to lock down stitching and introduction to patterns and pattern reading. 

Open Studio

Utilize our space and equipment for just $15/hour with guided open studio time. Access expert advice and assistance in our studio while practicing the essentials learned during the program.


Equipment includes 2 Singer sewing machines, cutting table with 35x70" cutting surface, rotary cutters, 2 irons/ironing boards and other standard sewing notions.


About Mark Thoreson D.D.S.

Program Director

Mark G Thoreson, DDS is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.

He owned and operated a solo general Dental practice for nearly a decade.

He has taught Dental Assisting privately in the past, training more than 100 people in Oregon to enter the Dental profession as Dental Assistants.  He has also taught at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, in Human Anatomy and Physiology to students in Dental Hygiene, Registered Nursing, Emergency Medical Technician and Respiratory Therapy programs. He mentored and advised those and other students toward their career success. Dr Thoreson also provides Health Careers presentations to Middle and High Schools across the Country.  


Dr Thoreson has had a long business career in the Dental industry, including sales of Dental lasers, practice growth coaching, Dental equipment and particularly instruments for Dental and Dental Hygiene schools across the Western US and into Western Canada.  He has presented and spoken for company products at events ranging from small gatherings at Dental practices through the National and International levels for Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Lasers and Instrumentation as well as for magnifying loupes.  He has been the corporate liaison for Fotona presenting their Dental Lasers to the prestigious Las Vegas Institute, which has an international client base, presenting to and training Dentists and their teams clinically with lasers.  Also for Fotona, Dr Thoreson led the creation of a Laser Periodontal Surgery program, leading 4 International Key Opinion Leaders through a 3-day course presentation.  This course was highly received and has been repeated.


Dr Thoreson has consulted with international companies regarding laser use in medical, dental, and podiatric fields.  He holds 3 US patents for a dental restorative device currently in late-stage development and clinical evaluation.


His biggest joys are his family, creating new things, writing, singing Barbershop Baritone, and leading others into new successes.  (The Minnesota Vikings fit into that list, but not always with joy.)

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